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About us

A history of helping insurers

We build some of the insurance industry’s leading technology solutions, designed specifically for actuaries and reserve analysts. Many of us have been right where you are, so we understand your challenges and know how to help.

We’re not new to this. We have been helping actuarial departments sleep better for over 25 years, since the first release of our standard-setting ReservePro® and Affinity® solutions. Even more amazing, almost half of our team has been together for the entire journey. We combine our extensive engineering expertise with our deep understanding of what it takes to run an intelligent, efficient reserving department. The resulting family of award-winning Arius® solutions provides a new level of support and assistance to insurers from local to global, and from straightforward to sophisticated.

Software and service

An Arius implementation is much more than just software. You also get our team of actuaries, industry experts, and engineers. From basic desktop installations, to complex cloud-based actuarial platform expertise, to exploring different actuarial methods and approaches, we are happy to be as much a part of your reserving team as you need us to be. And because we work closely with hundreds of insurers, we always bring our keen sense of best practices to any conversation.

Contact an Arius expert

We’re passionate about partnering with people and working with new solutions to solve complex problems. Let’s chat about what’s going on with your business and how we can help.

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